Woodson YMCA Insurance Partners

Are you eligible for FREE or reduced membership through your insurance plan?

Below are some providers offering YMCA Membership Benefits. Bring in your insurance card to set up your membership today! To learn more we suggest reaching out to your insurance provider below or others.

Questions? Call Member Services

Wausau Branch:  715-845-2177

Aspirus Branch:  715-841-1850

Greetings YMCA & Landing Members,

We have been made aware that WPS will no longer be offering the Silver & Fit benefit as of 1/1/24.

This will impact coverage for your current YMCA/Landing membership.  You are encouraged to contact WPS to express the impact this will have on you.  You may reach WPS’s Medicare Supplement Plan Customer Services at  888-253-2694.

In addition, there are options to consider to maintain your YMCA/Landing Memberships.  The options include:

  1. Payment to the YMCA for a senior (55+) YMCA Membership. Single - $48/month (13% discount from an adult membership) Couple/Family - $78/month.
  • Financial Assistance is available by the YMCA for individuals unable to afford the full membership fees. If support is needed, please contact the YMCA front desk (715-8445-2177) to schedule an appointment to apply for a Community Supported Membership (CMS).  You will be informed of what documents are required to bring for this meeting.
  • Explore alternate Medicare supplement options that best meet your needs.

The Landing is offering the following programs to support in understanding Medicare plans:

October 17:  Medicare 101.   Tammy Pestka of Bremax Insurance, will be talking about multiple areas of Medicare enrollment; including the four Categories, A-B-C and D of Medicare; Eligibility and how to enroll in Medicare; Things to consider as you compare health coverage options and Time Frames to join, change or leave Medicare Health plans

The Aging and Disability Resource Center (ADRC) offers support and assistance, including: 

Disability Benefit Specialists assist with questions, access and advocacy concerns related to public and private benefits, including, but not limited to Medicare.

Medicare Basics are free classes which provide information about Medicare parts A, B, C & D, Medicare Supplemental policies.  Classes are held regularly at the ADRC.

Contact the ADRC at 888-486-9545 for more information.