Woodson YMCA

The Woodson YMCA is a 501c3 charitable nonprofit organization that is governed by a local volunteer board of directors. Board members are passionate for the YMCA mission and bring a wide range of expertise as the board employs the CEO, takes leadership in raising funds, ensures financial integrity, establishes broad policies and engages in visionary planning for the YMCA.

Woodson YMCA
Board of Directors

Chief Volunteer Officer
Becky Gatzke

Vice-Chief Volunteer Officer
Deb Kane

Al Lancaster

Board Members

Jessica Almazar
Margaret Anderson
Raj Bhandari
Matt Brewer
Denis Burgess
Dave Davies
Dave Eckmann
Dave Eisenreich
Keith Ende
Tom Grimm
Eric Lindman
Liz Moens
Sarah Napgezek
​Jamie Polley
Garry Sack
Jeffrey Stubbe (Guest)