The Benefits of Swimming Laps

Swimming laps as a form of physical activity is one of the best ways to reap various physical and mental health benefits. When swimming laps, our pools are divided into lanes to help offer a controlled space for people of all fitness levels to stay healthy and active while enjoying a low-impact workout. Although swimming is a simple exercise for people of all ages and fitness levels, there are many physical and mental benefits.

Lap swimming is an excellent way to boost your endurance level and cardiovascular health. Swimming engages all parts of your body and combines aerobics, strength training and flexibility in one. It is a perfect exercise to improve strength, endurance and heart health.


Lap Lane Etiquette

Sharing a lane while lap swimming

  • Always check pool schedule for available lanes.
  • Watch the speed of the swimmers in each lane.
  • Pick your lane based off your speed.
  • Sit at edge of pool and let your legs hang in the lane.
  • Let other swimmer know you are joining before swimming.
  • Be courteous when passing to avoid collisions.
  • If circle swimming, only pass if or when clear to do so.
  • If water walking, jogging or using dumbbells please share lanes.
  • When resting use the corner at the end of the lane.

Thank you from the Woodson YMCA Lifeguards


Swim for Fitness Classes

Ages 8+

Swim for Fitness Classes will be a guided swim time with an instructor on deck.

  • Children will be guided through an enjoyable swim workout, enabling them to build on skills learned and gain stamina in the water.
  • A great class to continue swimming skills, improve and have fun.