Come have fun on our courts!

Adult Noon-Ball Basketball - Wausau Branch Monday, Wednesday & Friday from 11:30 am- 1:30 pm

Adult pick-up basketball games are back. Court times for games at both our Wausau Branch Field House and at the Aspirus Branch Gym.

Noon Ball Rules

  • MUST be 18 and out of high school to play
  • First 5 in the gym are team 1, next 5 in the gym are team 2
  • Players sitting out get first chance in the next game to replace the losing team
  • If more than 5 players are sitting out, they must each pick a number 1-30 ask someone outside the game to pick a number the players closest, over or under, are in the next game
  • Tie breaker: have one player from the winning team hold a 1 or 2 behind their back ask one player which number if they get it right there are in wrong the other player is in
  • If less than 5 players are sitting out waiting to rotate in: have the losing team pick numbers those closest will get into the game
  • Example there are 3 people waiting, the 3 are IN2 players from the losing team will need to stay in the 2 closest to the number picked stay in
  • Winning Team Holds Court Except: if 2 courts are running and 11 people are waiting (31 people) then winning team can only hold court for 2 wins they must rotate out into the waiting players 
  • If 2 courts are running and 10 or less people are waiting the winning team can hold court until they are beat
  • Play to 7 or 11 by ones and twos
  • Call your own fouls, always remember the YMCA core values: Caring, Honesty, Respect & Responsibility

Basketball Open Gym

Wausau Branch: Daily open play court time.

Aspirus Branch: Daily open play court time.