Come have fun on our courts!

Open Gym time is available everyday to play basketball! We have time available in the Program Gym, Fieldhouse and at the Aspirus Gym. Check gym schedules for open gym time.


Basketball Open Gym

Wausau Branch: Daily open play court time.

Aspirus Branch: Daily open play court time.

Noon Ball

Adult Noon-Ball Basketball - Wausau Branch Monday, Wednesday & Friday from 11:30 am- 1:30 pm

Adult pick-up basketball games are back. Court times for games at both our Wausau Branch Field House and at the Aspirus Branch Gym.

Noon Ball Rules

  • MUST be 18 and out of high school to play
  • First 5 in the gym are team 1, next 5 in the gym are team 2
  • Players sitting out get first chance in the next game to replace the losing team
  • If more than 5 players are sitting out, they must each pick a number 1-30 ask someone outside the game to pick a number the players closest, over or under, are in the next game
  • Tie breaker: have one player from the winning team hold a 1 or 2 behind their back ask one player which number if they get it right there are in wrong the other player is in
  • If less than 5 players are sitting out waiting to rotate in: have the losing team pick numbers those closest will get into the game
  • Example there are 3 people waiting, the 3 are IN2 players from the losing team will need to stay in the 2 closest to the number picked stay in
  • Winning Team Holds Court Except: if 2 courts are running and 11 people are waiting (31 people) then winning team can only hold court for 2 wins they must rotate out into the waiting players 
  • If 2 courts are running and 10 or less people are waiting the winning team can hold court until they are beat
  • Play to 7 or 11 by ones and twos
  • Call your own fouls, always remember the YMCA core values: Caring, Honesty, Respect & Responsibility