Summer School to Camp Sturtevant

This program is for campers who are also enrolled in summer school classes via Wausau School District or DC Everest School District. Once enrolled in morning summer school classes with one of the school districts, campers are eligible for this program option. This program offers weekly summer school camp fees and busing from Wausau School District summer classes to add flexibility to your summer planning!

Afternoon Camp Overview

  • After a morning full of learning in school, campers arrive at camp and are integrated into their respective age groups for afternoon activities.
  • Weekly themes will follow those listed for the regular age group that your camper is part of.
  • Lunch is provided for campers upon arrival if school district does not provide a meal. Lunch is included in fee.
Afternoon Camp Weekly Fee
Member: $116
Non-Member: $246


Transportation Options

  • Parents must coordinate with their respective school districtson summer school enrollment.
  • Summer school classes are offered in the morning, through Wausau School District & DC Everest
  • Parents must coordinate transportation for their campers from summer school to Camp Sturtevant.
DCE School District
  • Parent/Guardian transports their camper(s) from summer school to Camp Sturtevant.
  • Parent/Guardian coordinates bus transportation from summer school to Camp Sturtevant via Lamers Busing Service.
Wausau School District
  • Parent/Guardian transports their camper(s) from summer school to Camp Sturtevant. 
  • Camp Sturtevant will pick up your child at summer school and bring them to camp.
  • If selecting this option, you must register for the summer school bus.
  • There are limited spots available for busing.           

Email us at [email protected] to submit a busing request.