Calling All Weight Lifters

Join Us On Your Lifting Journey!

& 1000 LB CLUB

Ages 16+

Join the Club!

How do you become a member? All you have to do is complete three lifts – the deadlift, the bench press, and the squat – and the total weight of 1 rep of each must equal 500 pounds or more for women and 1000 pounds or more for men.

Note: we will allow hex bar deadlifts. Members who are successful at their lifts will have their picture taken and posted on the club board and will receive a bumper sticker so you can advertise your accomplishment! Your lifts must be observed by a YMCA Health & Wellness employee.


500 & 1000 LB Club Rules

Squat + Bench + Deadlift Hex Bar / State Bar

Must total a weight greater than 500 or 1000 Pounds.

Must be witnessed by a Woodson YMCA Personal Trainer.

Email a Personal Trainer to set up a time or ask questions:
Wausau Branch or Aspirus Branch

Reach for your personal best & get on the board!