2021 Community Partners Campaign
COVID-19 crisis is creating dire needs in our community. Families are facing unexpected hurdles like lost income and sudden evictions. Children lack the fundamental resources they need to succeed in virtual coursework. Parents are struggling to balance work and child care more than ever before. What's worse - we see that people who were already struggling with injustice and economic hardship are impacted even more by today's pandemic.


The YMCA offers services that will relieve these pressing concerns and enable our neighbors to thrive, but we need your help to ensure they are accessible to everyone who needs them.

Will you offer someone the opportunity to thrive again?

family of three

Access to a Community

cancer survivor smiles

Fund Livestrong Session

Support Early Learning

senior adults stretching

Fight Senior Isolation

Let Them Explore!

smiling child swimmer

Give Lessons

girl holds yoga mat

Sponsor a Young Adult  

soccer players posing

Support Youth Sports

Virtual Valentine's Zumba