Skills for Life. 

The Y was the first organization to establish certification programs for lifesaving, swimming and aquatic instruction, and it's a tradition we're proud to continue today. Whether you're looking for basic water safety courses, first aid or to become a certified lifeguard, the Y is the leader in swim safety and training.  

With a focus on water safety and skill development, the YMCA Swim Lesson program is effective at helping children and adults learn to swim and, most importantly, be safe around water.
We ask that members/guests observe the following Aquatic Policies:

• Make-ups: Make-up classes are not provided for missed classes. If the YMCA cancels classes, makeups or credits will be provided.

• Cancelling Classes: The YMCA may need to cancel or combine classes due to low enrollment.

• Refund Policy: Refunds/credits will not be issued due to inclement weather or personal schedule conflicts. Credits may be given for medical reasons only, and must have Aquatic Director’s approval.

• Registration: All fees are due at the time of registration. Mail-in registration is not accepted. Fees are non-refundable.

• Food/Beverages: To ensure the cleanliness of our aquatic facility, food cannot be allowed on the pool deck. Beverages need to be in a non-glass, no-spill container. chewing gum is not allowed in the aquatic facility.

• Swim Attire: Proper swim suits need to be worn in the swimming pool.

 • Street Shoes: To maintain cleanliness of our deck facilities and to follow the WI Dept. of Health and Family Services codes; we cannot allow street shoes on the pool decks. Shoes not worn on the street is an acceptable alternative.

• Electronic Devices: No electronic devices in locker rooms. No telephone conversations in program areas.












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