Y Star Basketball

Boys & Girls Ages 4-10

Basketball involves dribbling, throwing, catching and pivoting all of which help to improve motor skills by using large muscle groups and hand-eye coordination. Through basketball, kids can learn how and why it's important to communicate.

Y Star Basketball offers a chance for each participant to develop basketball skills in a welcoming and fun environment.

We offer Y Star Basketball Clinics and Leagues throughout the year.


Boys & Girls Ages 4-10

Playing soccer helps kids build valuable life skills, such as hard work, decision-making, problem-solving, and communication. It also teaches the importance of teamwork and cooperation and good sportsmanship.

YMCA Indoor & Outdoor Soccer offers a chance for each participant to develop soccer skills in a welcoming and fun environment.

We offer Soccer Clinics and Soccer Leagues throughout the year.

Flag Football

Boys & Girls Ages 4-10

Flag football offers many benefits beyond fun and exercise. Mental and emotional benefits also exist when learning a new sport and working with a team.

YMCA Flag Football offers a chance for each participant to develop football skills in a welcoming and fun environment.

We offer Flag Football Clinics and Flag Football League during Spring & Fall.

Karate Classes

Boys & Girls Ages 5+

Modern Kempo Ju Jitsu provides an
excellent opportunity for children to
practice self-defense skills and physical
exercise for health, fitness and fun.

Tiny Tigers Ages 5 & 6
Karate Ages 7+ and 15+

Cooking Classes

Creative Kitchen
Parent & Child Cooking Classes
Ages 3+ Classes
Ages 7+ Classes

This class gives children a chance to try
out new skills, use kitchen utensils and
make delicious food for themselves!
Explore new recipes, vegetables, herbs
and go on a cooking adventured.


Boys & Girls Ages 4-9

A great introduction for boys and girls
to learn “America’s Game.”
YMCA Sluggerball T-Ball league
is for beginners to get a chance
to hit the ball off a tee.

Sluggerball is offered in the Summer.

Start Swim Lessons

With a focus on water safety and skill development, the YMCA Swim Lesson program is effective at helping children and adults learn to swim and, most importantly, be safe around water.

The Y was the first organization to establish certification programs for lifesaving, swimming and aquatic instruction, and it's a tradition we're proud to continue today.

Learn more about Swim Lessons >

Join Swim Team

Why Join Swim Team? On swim team children work with swim coaches and learn to become strong, efficient swimmers by repeatedly practicing and correcting stroke technique and specific skills necessary to gain efficiency in the water.

Your child does not have to compete to be on the team.

If you child can swim the length of the pool, 25 yards, consider taking lessons with WYNS. We have swimmers as young as 3 years old.

Learn about our Swim Team WYNS >


Jr. Gymnastics Ages 1+
Parent & Child Classes

Developmental Gymnastics
Ages 6+ | Co-Ed

Gymnastics classes help develop strength, coordination, flexibility, balance, cognitive development, and social and emotional learning.

Whirlers Gymnastics Team

Our competitive Woodson YMCA Whirlers Team provides a caring environment to develop Gymnastics skills and create lasting friendships.

Stop by and check us out! Participants are invited to be on a team through our progressive gymnastics classes or by individual tryout.

Camp Sturtevant

Boys & Girls Ages 5+

YMCA Day Camps are the place to make every precious summer day a great one! At Camp Sturtevant we believe the framework of our youth is creating experiences that build character, confidence and friendship.

For Youth Development

The YMCA is committed to nurturing the potential of every child and teen. From cradle to career, the Y empowers young people to lead inspired, successful lives.