More big changes this month as we continue to see progress in the renovation of our Wausau Branch north side upper and lower level. Check out the plans for Phase 4 construction!

Wellness Center, Aspirus Field House, Track, Program Gym and The Landing spaces open for use. Main north parking lot is now open and geared for those members and guests age 55+, families with young children, pick-up and drop-off and handicap parking.

The Wausau Branch Wellness Center will be closed from October 7- 13th in order to finish work and install equipment for the renovated Wellness Center October 14th opening. Please note, the free weight area located near the track is still available during the closure. The new Wellness Center will feature state-of-the-art cardio and strength equipment. Top of the line weight machines, benches, free weights and other equipment will be grouped on the southwest side of the upper floor and surrounded by windows for natural lighting. In this cohesive space, members and guests will have access to treadmills, climbers, bikes, rowers and other effective cardio equipment designed to help members reach their goals. For member convenience, there are restrooms located between the cardio and strength sides of the space. 

Wausau Branch main entrance walkway will be located on McIndoe Street starting Monday so that crews can demolish the temporary walkway and construct new entry.

Our Wellness Center will be closed from 5 am Wed. July 31 through 5 am on Thursday, Aug. 1. Cardio machines and all equipment will be moved to the south upper level on the second floor until the opening of our new Wellness Center.

Access to the Wellness Center will be re-routed on Tuesday, July 9- early Wed. July 10. Follow signage to enter by walking through south lower level and up the Grant Street entrance stairway or via elevator to access the second floor Wellness Center.

Power in our south building will be out on June 17th & 18th. This creates closures for our Gym, Wellness Center, South Locker Rooms and Youth Center. There will be no group exercise normally held in the Gym on Mon. June 17 or Tues. June 18.

The South Pool will be closed June 8- June 24 for ongoing renovation. Lap swim, some water exercise and water walking will be available in the North Pool. No water will be available so the South Women’s Locker Room closes next Monday through Friday. Our North Women’s Locker Room and Universal Locker Room will be available for our members and guests.  

Our exciting renovation work at the Wausau Branch is taking major steps forward. We are very excited that in early September we will be able to open our new strength and cardio wellness center, the senior activity center called The Landing, our new entrance, the new Aspirus Fieldhouse which will include a new three lane glassed in walking track, permanent parking and the new and enlarged child care center.  To allow us to make these things a reality in September, we will be experiencing a few temporary facility adjustments. It is important for us to keep each of you informed on how this will temporarily affect your experience. Below is a list of temporary accommodations we are making to allow for work to be done in our new spaces.

  • Monday, May 6th
    • All group exercise will be moved out of the South Studio. Classes formerly held in South Studio will be relocated to the gym or yoga studio. Please view updated group exercise schedules for location and gym schedule for updated open gym times. 
    • Current temporary YMCA main parking lot will be shut down to be made into a permanent parking lot.  We will be shifting our main parking field to the lot kitty corner to our facility between McIndoe St. & Fulton St. and 3rd & 2nd St.  We will also be providing additional Handicap stalls on 3rd St., Grant St., YMCA Daycare parking lot and in the parking lot on the corner of 3rd and McIndoe St.  (see attachments for parking options and multiple Handicap locations)
  • Friday, May 10th –  Tuesday, 14th
    • Wellness Center will be closed and moved for relocation.  We will still have both pools, track, group exercise, locker rooms, locker room fitness centers, and strength center open for our members and guests.
    • The Wellness Center will open on May 15th and will be located where our current South Studio is now.   Access to this space will be available through our south end social court staircase.
  • May 10th
    • To ease accessibility to our facility and spaces, we will provide a temporary member entrance at our Grant Street double doors for those who need to use the south end elevator. This will be available Monday through Friday from 8:30 am – 11:30 am with a courtesy check-in desk.  

 You may watch our expansion and modernization plans for the facility in this video virtual tour  
As we embark on the Woodson YMCA renovation and expansion process, we want to provide you with multiple ways to stay informed on changes related to the facility. Some of the ways you can stay informed as the construction progresses:

·  Follow @GhidorziCompanies on Facebook and our Woodson YMCA Inc. Facebook page for project updates.   

·  View facility updates at the strengtheningourheart.com website. You may also help support the project financially here with your tax-deductible gift.


·  Reach out to Woodson YMCA staff with your questions


·  Use our Woodson YMCA mobile app to receive text alerts


We’re so glad to have you be a part of this exciting transformation! At the end of the construction work, we’ll have an amazing YMCA that better serves all generations in a health and wellness campus at the heart of downtown Wausau.