Jackie's Story

The Thursday morning Zumba ladies were a tight-knit group. Dancing together each week at the Aspirus Branch, it didn’t even feel like exercise for Jackie Fett.  Jackie joined the Y when her youngest son was two. She treated herself to an hour of group exercise while Noah was in Mini Care.

“It was my one hour I had to myself all day,” she said.

Hoping to increase her energy, as a working mom of three, Jackie, and her husband Ryan, made a concerted effort last winter to clean up their diet and exercise more frequently.

When the YMCA initially closed due to COVID-19 and launched virtual classes, Jackie said it gave her a chance to shake up her routine and workout on her own schedule, as she worked from home in the ginseng industry.

Over the summer, Jackie took her laptop outside as she logged into classes, ranging from bodyweight and HIIT, to Zumba and Tabata.

“Group exercise has always motivated me,” said Jackie.

She logged on for two 30-minute classes each weekday and could feel her progress as she started keeping up really well with the Y instructors leading the classes. 

By September, Jackie had exceeded her weight loss goal of 60 pounds and shared she is more fit than she was 15 years ago.

“I just want to see how far I can go!” said Jackie.

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