Engaging with Families & Community

At the Y, we believe that family and community are essential to our programs and a big part in everything we do. We offer various family or special events throughout the year, family programs including adventure guides, community classes, partnerships, collaborations and more. Family time at the Y is about giving families as a unit, and as individuals, the opportunities to deepen relationships, develop new skills and interests, improve their health and well-being, and connect to the community. The Y has always been a place where families can play and be active together, and that’s more important than ever. Whether the activities are physical like sports or exercise classes, or more recreational like swimming, camping, cooking and arts, we want families doing them together because you’ll live healthier and make memories for a lifetime.

Special Parent Series
Members & Non-Members welcome!  Our series for parents is from 6 pm- 7 pm at the Aspirus Branch in the Youth Lobby. Refreshments provided. Fee is $30 for all three classes. Those who complete all 3 sessions will receive an Unlimited Yoga pass for the month of December!
Can only attend once? Fee is $15/class.

Sept. 18 - Hair Styling Bootcamp 101 We know it’s a rush to get out the door in the mornings. Learn some quick styling tips for your child and how to braid. It’s really not that hard. Learn and get a chance to practice in class. Lose the anxiety over hair styling!

Oct. 16 - Brown Bagging It 101 Packing lunches can be a real source of frustration and another obstacle that slows down your morning routine. We’ve got easy brown bag lunches your child will love. Come and try out some simple recipes that are kid pleasers! (Recipes included)

Nov. 13 - Parenting Survival Tips 101 There’s no instruction manual for raising your child! Whether it’s the “terrible 2s”, tweens on screens or sibling rivalry at any age, we’ve been there. Come share your stories, listen and laugh (or cry!). We’ll have an open discussion with other parents. Lean on each other to be the best parent you can be!  
We’ll wrap the session with 15 minutes of yoga for parents.

Parent/Child Gymnastics Classes

Open Gym

Open Swim

Parent/Child Swim Classes

Parents Night Out!