Community Suported Membership



Everyone belongs at the Y, regardless of ability to pay. We are committed to ensuring every community member, has access to our Ys.

Our Community Supported Membership program enables all individuals and families to become active members and participants at a rate that fits their budgets. By helping kids, adults, families and seniors from all walks of life improve their health and wellbeing, we build a stronger community!

This program is possible thanks to the many generous donors who support the YMCA’s Annual Campaign —100% of donations made to the Y help support kids, adults and families in our communities. 


Community Supported Membership   

Based on income, financial assistance and scholarships are available to those who qualify. We know what a huge impact a YMCA Membership can make. We want to remove as many barriers as possible. A member of our Membership team will review your family's income and application and contact you about the subsidized rate we have available. If you prefer, please call either YMCA branch to schedule a confidential appointment to discuss subsidized membership and youth scholarships. 

Community Supported Membership meetings with our highly trained YMCA staff are confidential. We strive to be accessible to all individuals and families at a rate that fits their budgets. Youth scholarships are also available at 10- 80% off program rates.

What to Bring:

  • Most current tax return and/or SSI award letter
  • Two most recent paystubs for each working adult in the household
  • Copies of other income statements such as disability, unemployment, child support or retirement
  • Payment option for your membership
  • Photo ID

Other Membership Support:

  • Displaced Workers - If you have recently lost your source of employment, the Woodson YMCA can provide a 30-day membership at no cost.
  • Temporary Assistance - If you are struggling with your current membership, our YMCA staff can help so that you can continue to be involved as a member of the Woodson YMCA.