Your membership is active and you are able to use our Y branches. We ask that you follow our health and safety protocols and social distancing best practices. Group exercise, whirlpool, Mini Care and Youth Lobby spaces are open by appointment.  


Beginning Oct. 1, 2020 all On Hold Membership will be released from hold and resume active status. If no action is taken, member dues will be deducted on October 20th. If you prefer that your account stays inactive, you may either: 1. Contact the YMCA and choose to cancel your membership until you feel ready to return or 2. Contact the YMCA and state you would like to extend your On Hold status with the understanding that you will be charged $15/mon. hold fee until you choose to reactivate your Y membership. 


If you wish to terminate your membership you can do so at any time. You will need to call or stop in to fill out the appropriate paper work. If you do choose to rejoin at a later time you will need to repay the joiner fee.