Summer for Emily and Bella Norrington comes with lots of hammock time, playing Gaga and reconnecting with friends at Camp Sturtevant. The sisters, ages 12 and 7, are enrolled in camp all summer, three times a week.

Their mom, Kammi, wanted them to get time away from electronics and use their imaginations. She said she values the structure of the camp day with plenty of chances for kids to learn and play in the outdoors.

“I know they’ve been out running around and exercising, they’re outside most of the day,” Kammi said. “They are coming home tired.”  

Kammi explained that camp has been the perfect place for Bella and Emily to be themselves.  The program has been a great fit for the social and anxiety issues, Emily struggles with because of her ADHD.

“People don’t always get her. Here they do,” Kammi said. “The counselors focus on the kids.”

Emily, 12, has come to day camp since she was old enough to attend.  When she’s able to, Emily would like to become a camp counselor.

“I love working with kids a lot and I love seeing their smiles every day!” said Emily.

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