(Ages 11 – 16 yrs.) Designed for the older camper, Leadership Camp is a natural extension of the Camp Sturtevant experience. Recognizing the changing needs for more adventure and more challenge, Leadership Camp offers week long experiences built around overnight trips around the state of Wisconsin and the Upper Peninsula of Michigan. Campers will be challenged to push outside their comfort zone while forging new friendships that will last a lifetime. 

Trip Weeks:  July 5- 9 & July 26- 30  
•  7:30am to 9:00am Check-in time on Monday/Tuesday
•  4:00pm to 6:00pm Check-out time on Monday/Friday
•  Trip leaders and camper groups will plan meals and activities during the day Monday.
•  Packing lists and parent letters will be sent home with campers on Monday.
•  Parent letters will detail what meals are provided on the trip.
•  Trips will leave during the day on Tuesday and stay overnight at their destination until Friday morning.

Member/ $236   Member/ $266 

Fees include staff, food, most activities, instruction, equipment, wilderness permits, lodging and facilities. We are happy to offer families three fee options. You may choose the actual fee or the adjusted fee. The actual fees reflect the true cost to deliver the Woodson YMCA camp experience. Because of generous contributions to our Community Partners Campaign, we are able to offer families an adjusted fee. Please choose the fee most suitable for your family. The fee that is chosen does not affect the experience a camper is provided in any way.