Adult Water Exercises

For day and times of classes in the water, please check current pool schedules in our facility racks.

AI CHI: A simple exercise and relaxation program performed to soothing music in the water using a combination of deep breathing and slow, broad movements of the arms, legs, and torso. Great for relieving stress and tension.Aspirus water ex

ARTHRITIS AQUA THERAPY: Gentle water exercise with guidance from our
Arthritis Foundation certified instructor will help you gain strength and flexibility. Excellent for beginning or returning exercisers. Exercises are done in shallow water and focus on activities of daily living, moving a joint through your range of motion and holding it to feel a gentle stretch in the muscle.

AQUA-FIT IN THE DEEP: A high energy aerobic workout in the water with low impact effects. Includes cardio and flexibility work as well as strength training through water resistance.

AQUA HIIT: A shallow water exercise class that combines Tabata and strength work to create a fun pool workout.

AQUA MASHUP: The best of all Shallow Water Exercise formats. Using a mix of Aqua HIIT, Aqua Bootcamp, Aqua Tabata and more. This class will challenge you while you have fun.

AQUA UP TEMPO: A deep water class that challenges the beginner to advanced participant to work the full body in water.

AQUA ZUMBA: We modify and adapt various Latin American rhythms and dance movements into the aquatic environment to create a safe, effective and fun workout in the water.

DEEP WATER EXERCISE:  Participants wear flotation belts and other water props to aid in floating. The class uses water’s natural resistance to sculpt your muscles and improve cardiovascular fitness. Available four days a week at Aspirus Branch Pool.

SHALLOW WATER EXERCISE: A safe and effective way to exercise. This class offers a low impact workout in shallow water that puts no strain on your joints. The class uses water’s natural resistance to sculpt your muscles and improve cardiovascular fitness.

WATER RESISTANCE REVOLUTION: All level water exercise that incorporates shallow and deep aerobics to improve cardiovascular fitness, muscle strength, and increase flexibility without impact on joints.