While her husband found solace walking in the woods, YMCA member Joleen Meier enjoyed her movement in the pool with her water exercise friends.

She said they enjoyed spending time together, often going for coffee after classes.

The 82-year-old said she used to attend aerobics classes over the years at the Wausau Branch and in the later years, switched to water exercise.  

Joleen and her daughters out of state suffered the loss of her husband in March.  Due to restrictions to prevent COVID-19, the family was unable to have a funeral service. It was a heart wrenching several months before Joleen decided she needed to get back to a routine that brought her some joy.

“I got in such a funk in June and when classes by appointment at the Y restarted, I knew I wanted to come back,” said Joleen.

She returned and began attending classes twice a week and sometimes some water walking on Fridays. 

“It brings my spirits up,” she said. “The Y is a wonderful place.”  

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