Children, ages 1-5 years, will play and learn in a safe and secure environment. Instructors will direct children through activities that develop gross motor skills, improve listening skills, and accommodate short attention spans. Children will have FUN learning basic gymnastics skills on vault, balance beam, floor exercise, kinderbars and kindertrampoline while interacting with instructors and new friends. Small class sizes allow for individualized instruction for each child's skill level. Sessions are offered for 5 weeks in summer and 7 week sessions in fall. Special events camps are offered throughout the year.

Rug Hoppers- Ages 1-2:
Staff will direct parents and children through activities that develop gross motor skills, improve listening skills and accommodate short attention spans.
Gymnecricket- Ages 2-3:
Children will enhance motor development, coordination, poise and agility while learning age-appropriate gymnastics skills. This is a parent/child class.
Kinder Gymnastics- Ages 3-5:
Increases self-confidence as a mover, improves coordination and agility. Basic skills are taught on vault, bars, balance beam, floor exercise and Kinder trampoline.
Kinder-1 This is a parent/child format class. Gymnastics for ages 3-4 years without previous kinder gymnastics experience.  
Kinder-2 Parents are invited to work with their gymnast, guiding them through stations, allowing the instructors to focus on the main skill being taught. Gymnastics classes for ages 3-5 and previous kindergymnastics experience: A continuation of learned skills from Kinder 1 gymnastics. Gymnasts will continue to build basic skills and body awareness on all equipment.
Kinder-3 Gymnastics classes for ages 4-5: Successful completion of Kinder 2 required or previous kindergymnastics experience.

Gymnastics Camps- Preschool