“I’m grateful for a place to workout during these uncertain times.”    

So many of the notes members dropped into our Gratitude Jar during last week’s Gratitude Week mention having “a place” for growth and support right now. YMCA members wrote of their need for physical and emotional support.

For some it’s the friendly smile they see when they scan in bright and early in the morning. For some it’s the boost they get walking the track or working hard in 9 am group exercise classes, surrounded by “positive and inspiring people”.  

Even before the global health threat of COVID-19, the Y’s mission of supporting a healthy spirit, mind and body was a shared need of community members. As hundreds find themselves fighting personal and professional uncertainty, our Ys have met people where they are. With careful consideration, we’ve relaunched various wellness and youth programs, putting precautions in place for spacing and sanitization.

Wrote one member, “It is so nice to socialize a little while being socially distanced.”

Another wrote, "I’m grateful for The Landing. They’ve stayed strong all year and adapted to all challenges.”

In the face of these challenges, our November week of gratitude was just a simple acknowledgement that we’re so deeply grateful for the community we have with you, some virtually and some back face to face, as we move forward carefully into the future. We are grateful for you, now and always.

[View more messages from members on our Facebook page here.]

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