Kayaking (Spring sessions)

Kayaking is a great activity that the whole family can enjoy year round! Winter months offer a great time to develop and hone your skills in a warm, safe pool. This course welcomes new and experienced boaters. Participants will have a fun time being instructed on all areas of flat water kayaking. The course will concentrate on safety, rolling, maneuvers and techniques. Participants must be 12 years of age, comfortable in water, and able to swim. Boats, spray skirts and paddles provided. You may bring your own boat with instructor approval. 

Spring course dates:

Kids Kayaking-  in the South Pool, Wausau Branch

Fee: $5 Members and $10 Non-Members


Lap Swimming

Lap Lane Information and Etiquette
Join a lane
When joining a lane, it is courteous to wave or temporarily stop a nearby swimmer to notify them of your presence in a lane. Also, be welcoming if a swimmer decides to join your lane. This is a great time to suggest splitting a lane or circle swimming.

Sharing a lane

1)Split a lane: Two swimmers agree to swim within one lane. One swimmer agrees to swim to the right side, and the other swimmer agrees to swim to the left side of the lane.

2) Circle Swim in a lane: Two or more swimmers agree to share a single lane, by swimming in a counter clockwise fashion on the right side of the lane.


Enjoy exploring underwater mysteries of a lake or the ocean through scuba diving. Participants must be 12 year of age for Junior PADI or 15 years of age for regular PADI certification. Participants must be able to swim 200 yards of any stroke or swim 300 yards with mask, fins and snorkel. The course includes instructional materials; however you must bring your own mask, fins and snorkel.

Open water check out dives and lifetime PADI certification are included in the fee. Rental equipment for open water dives is included. Pre-registration is required. After registration is complete, pick up your student kit at Klein Scuba. Fee is $275 for members and $300 for non-members.

Water Exercise

Workout in the water without the impact of land exercise. We offer traditional water exercise classes at a variety of intensities, as well as Ai Chi and Aqua Zumba.waterex

Our traditional exercise classes range from shallow water exercise to deep water fitness. Ai Chi is a simple exercise and relaxation program performed to soothing music in the water using a combination of deep breathing and slow, broad movements of the arms, legs and torso. And Aqua Zumba is a fast-paced cardiovascular workout in the deep-end combined with various Latin American rhythms and dance movements.