Swim Team

The Wausau Area Y Swimming is divided into five new practice groups.  Our goal is to provide quality coaching along with developing skills for each individual swimmer. These groups will be adjusted by the head coach to accommodate the needs of the team in terms of pool space, coaching availability and individual ability. For the start of the 2016-2017 season, we would like to have a little flexibility with practice groups until we find the correct balance.

8 and Unders– This is the introductory group of the WAYS program. Focus will be on body position and basic stroke fundamentals for new members. For returning members, we have a wide range of ability but we will strive to meet every 8 and under at their potential level.
 Register for this group if you are 8 years old or under.
Junior– Swimmers in this group should be able to swim at least 2 lengths (50 yards) of the pool using both freestyle and backstroke. At least 3 practices are offered per week. This group will spend the majority of practice time working on stroke technique and fundamentals of swimming. Swim meet participation is encouraged but not required.
Register for this group if:
 You are a new swimmer that is 9 years old or older.
 You are not legal in all 4 competitive strokes
Junior Elite– This group is generally for swimmers who have some swim team experience. Proper stroke technique for all four strokes will be a major focus for this group. Starts and turns will also be a focal point for the swimmers.
Register for this group if:
 You have 4 legal competitive strokes
 You execute proper turns on all events
Senior– Swimmers in this group must have a strong commitment to the team and the sport of swimming. Practices will consist of roughly 60% training and 40% technique work with a strong focus on race strategy.
Register for this group if:
 You are a returning 13 years old or older swimmer AND
 Have head coach’s approval
Senior Elite– This is the top level of the WAYS program. Approval from the head coach is required to participate in this group. Swimmers in this group have shown the commitment to train at the highest level and the interest to swim at the YMCA National level. Swimmers must participate in a minimum of 80% of team practices to remain in this group.
Register for this group:
 With Head Coach’s approval only

We are constantly growing and training young swimmers to maintain a well rounded competitive swim team. Learn more at the Wausau Area Y Swim Team website.